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GCN Supply provides high quality solutions with relatively short lead times. We service both OEMs and smaller companies alike.  


Our skilled manufacturing team operates our specialty equipment to the highest efficiency, bringing more value to the customer. We provide custom solutions: with a total of ten high-capacity converting lines, we have the flexibility to meet virtually any rotary application.


Punch Press Die Cutting

Most flexible materials, including foams, elastomers, woven and nonwoven fabric, metal foils, PSA, conductive films, and more can be processed using punch and rotary converting methods. 

Medium format film shot. Paper reel roll

Rotary Die Cutting

Our services include liner removal, PSA application, printing, and precision die cutting, kiss cutting, and more.  We can accommodate a variety of materials and part sizes.  



We can accommodate a variety of materials, including PVC, PET, double-sided adhesives, and protective films.  We follow first article and PPAP inspection processes to verify part conformance to all applicable quality specifications. 


Unwind/Rewind Shear

We custom cut film or other materials, as well unwind/rewind rolls to customer specifications.  

injection molding machine ejects the fin

Injection Molding & Extrusions

We process industrial-grade resins for automotive, aerospace, and military defense projects.  

CNC water jet cutting machine modern industrial technology..jpg

Precision Waterjet Cutting

Precise metal cutting ranging from .0003" to 6" in thickness.